Chemo therapy is a common treatment for many types of cancer.  It can be incredibly effective but is also responsible for harsh side effects. The most common skin issues related to cancer treatment include:


  • Face Rash

  • Radiation Burns

  • Hand-Foot Syndrome

  • Fingernail Issues

  • Dry/Itching Skin

  • Dark, Puffy Under-eye issues


People living with cancer often assume these irritations are ‘par for course’ or just ‘part of the deal.’ Not so! Here’s what you need to know and/or look for in skincare during chemo therapy:


Be Gentle.

Avoid any products with alpha hydroxy acids (AHA’s) as skin can be very dry and irritated from treatment and you don’t want to cause more discomfort.  No chemical peels, or treatments using electricity are allowed.  A very gentle scrub may be used to smooth the skin.  Steam generally feels really nice and should be used to hydrate the skin and provide relaxation.


Be Pure.

Hypoallergenic, which means ‘below normal’ or ‘slightly’ allergenic, was a term first coined in a cosmetics campaign in 1953. It is used to describe items, (especially cosmetics and textiles), that cause or are claimed to cause fewer allergic creations. The last thing you want to do during chemo is overwhelm your skin with new potential allergens, avoid these irritants by first checking the label.


Be Free.  

When choosing skin care products, opt for the unscented or slightly scented option. If the product has a scent, make sure it comes from pure essential oils and not artificial fragrance or perfume. Avoid any products with perfumes, dyes and other harsh chemicals as skin can be very dry and irritated from treatment. Stay away from of chemical peels, or treatments using electricity. (Micro current, Microdermabrasion, etc.) 



Be Hydrated.

People receiving cancer treatment may be at a higher risk for dehydration due to treatment side effects. Make sure you drink lots of fluids, eat foods high in water content and avoid products that strip or dry the skin. Look for skin care that delivers moisture without the use of perfumes, dyes and chemicals.



Note: there are some very important safety precautions that need to be considered when treating someone living with cancer. Please talk with your esthetician about your unique needs so he or she can design a treatment protocol that is safe and effective.


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