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Studio City-based esthetician, Wendei Smith, holds a certification in Oncology Esthetics, and expanded her practice to provide customized skin care for people living with cancer. Her certification, earned through Clinical Oncology Esthetics Training facilitated by Touch For Cancer, prepares professional estheticians to provide safe, personalized spa treatments to people with health-challenged skin.


Through Clinical Oncology Esthetics (COE), Mrs. Smith, already an advanced esthetics educator herself, underwent extensive training in how cancer and therapy treatments affect the body at the dermal and lymphatic level. The program explored the side effects of cancer therapies, how those are compounded by various medications, and the importance of proper sanitation to support weakened immune systems. Certification also trained Mrs. Smith how to perform gentle, yet effective protocols using compatible skin care ingredients. “Beyond keeping my practice on the leading-edge, with all-natural, non-toxic wellness products and treatments, this certification will allow me to safely serve a new, very deserving, group of individuals with health challenged skin,” Mrs. Smith, said. “Through the power of esthetic touch, I am dedicated to providing a soothing escape for individuals living with the effects of cancer. By safely and effectively working with the largest organ, the skin, I can directly support the psychological and physical care so necessary for a client living with cancer.




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Wendei Smith provides oncology patients with the comfort and relief that has not previously been available to them for managing the side effects of cancer treatment and therapies, such as dryness, loss of elasticity, rashes and more. Massage needs to be individually adjusted depending on node removal and types of treatment underway. Spa services have been shown to increase production of endorphins, which in turn reduce stress levels and aid in pain management. With her specialized training and certification, Mrs. Smith can provide for these needs in her spa setting.


Oncology Training International has pioneered training programs to complement traditional skincare, spa, and wellness therapies, and is now the world leader in its field with an international reputation for innovation and revolutionary instruction methods. Oncology Training International empowers wellness and esthetics practitioners to positively impact the lives of cancer patients with compassion and healing.


Oncology Facial


  • This one hour treatment begins with a thorough consultation to learn about your current medical condition and the type of treatment you’re undergoing whether it be chemo, radiation, surgery or biological therapies. Wendei will customize a relaxing treatment for you to calm and sooth dry skin and rashes and help combat any side effects of your treatment. She’ll educate you on what products to use and what ingredients to avoid. Products used in this treatment are either unscented or very lightly scented.

  • Priced at $85


Hand & Foot Massage 30 minutes


  •  Sometimes the little things can make all the difference. If you’re fatigued but don’t think you can lay down for a full facial then let Wendei pamper you for the next half hour using gentle strokes and unscented or lightly scented lotions.

  • Priced at $30


Eyebrow Enhancement


  • If you’re preparing for chemo and are worried about hair loss, or if you’ve already begun losing your eyebrows, in this interactive session, Wendei will teach you some simple steps so you can easily use pencils or powder to recreate a perfect brow.

  • Priced at $20


To book an appointment with Wendei at her Peace of Mind Spa in Los Angeles, please call (818) 769-0302




“I've been seeing Wendei for years and my skin never looked so amazing!”

-Abigail Smith


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